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Adult Ministries


Men’s Ministry
Our men’s ministry focuses on prayer and fellowship. Each Tuesday morning, the men meet in the church office for a time of prayer before heading out to work. On the last Saturday of each month, the men of the church meet for prayer and then enjoy breakfast together. Afterward, the men do the project of the month, such as raking leaves, replacing light bulbs, painting, or cleaning.


Ladies’ Ministry
Our ladies’ ministry focuses on enriching women’s lives through the Word of God and fellowship. The ladies have a secret prayer sister ministry through which the ladies of the church pray for teen girls in the church. The ladies are assigned a secret prayer partner who they commit to pray for and encourage throughout the year with anonymous gifts. After a year’s time, the prayer partners are revealed. Other events throughout the year focus on prayer and fellowship, including Ladies’ Prayer Breakfasts, a Ladies’ Luncheon, and a monthly small group.

You’re Welcome to Come and Join Us!
Check out our calendar for upcoming events and meetings, or feel free to contact us for details.

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Adult Bible Classes (ABC)

Adult Bible Classes

We are presently in a new cycle of Adult Bible Classes. Two classes are offered. One class is based on John MacArthur’s book The Battle for the Beginning. The other class is based on Michael Vlach’s book Premillennialism. The books for these classes are available for purchase in the bookstore.

The Battle for the Beginning:

The battle lines have been drawn. Is the enemy winning? “Thanks to the theory of evolution,” writes John MacArthur, “naturalism is now the dominant religion of modern society. Less than a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin popularized the credo for this secular religion. Naturalism has now replaced Christianity as the main religion of the Western world, and evolution has become its principal dogma.”

Many Christians who claim to believe that the Bible is God’s revealed truth seem willing to allow modern scientific theories to replace the Genesis account of creation. Such compromises present a conspicuous danger. Bible teacher and pastor, John MacArthur, believes that in Genesis 1-3 we find the foundation of every doctrine that is essential to the Christian faith - the vital underpinnings for everything we believe.

The Battle for the Beginning draws a clear line on today's theological landscape. “Everything in Scripture that teaches about sin and redemption assumes the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis. If we wobble to any degree on the truth of this passage,” John MacArthur insists, “we undermine the very foundations of our faith.”


Michael Vlach writes, “This book has a narrow purpose. Its aim is to present a positive, biblical case and rationale for premillennialism – the view that there will be a thousand-year reign of Jesus upon the earth after Jesus’ second coming but before the Eternal State. This is not a comprehensive discussion of premillennialism or the kingdom of God…. Instead, this book’s focus is on key biblical arguments for the premillennial view and reasons why this perspective is true.

Maintaining balance on the millennial issue is important. For most of church history good Christians have disagreed on the millennium, and millennial views should not become barriers of fellowship. On the other hand, the millennium is not some incidental doctrine that doesn’t really matter. It is a major part of the Bible’s storyline and involves the nature and timing of Jesus’ kingdom. The idea of a future earthly kingdom of the Messiah is not something dropped from the sky in Revelation 20. It has deep roots back to Genesis 1.”

Some Examples of Past Books:

  • The Doctrines of Grace by James Montgomery Boice and Philip Graham Ryken

  • The Gospel at Work by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert

  • Sound Worship by Scott Aniol

  • 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke

  • The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel

  • Desiring God by John Piper

  • Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

  • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

  • Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

  • Our Sufficiency in Christ by John MacArthur

  • Love in Hard Places by D.A. Carson


Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups Overview
Once a month, on Sunday evening we meet in home small groups in CT and MA for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Time is spent reviewing and discussing a recent sermon.  As we personalize and apply the sermon together, we not only grow in our walk with the Lord but also in our love for one another.

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